Webinar Class Descriptions

​Zoho Analytics — Essentials

You will design views, charts and dashboards from imported data and from other Zoho applications like CRM. You will organize workspaces, tables, users and work with filters, formulas, joins and lookups. The session includes creating a dashboard with key stats, widgets, reports and charts. You will learn how to export, share and publish your results. 2 Dates Available.

15 JAN 2020

​Zoho Books — Getting Going

In this session you will apply your accounting skills to set up an organization, creating a chart of accounts, interface a bank account, entering customer and vendor transactions, set up inventory items including pricelists, enter manual journal entries, generate financial reports. We will also see how Books integrates with CRM, Projects and Zoho People.  3 Dates Available.

21 JAN 2020

​Zoho Books — Deeper Dive

In this next level, you will match and reconcile transactions, import data from external sources, perform job costing for time and expense billing, set up work-in-progress and apply raw materials into items for sale, create budgets, establish a customer portal, customize document templates and visit Zoho Analytics for additional reporting capabilities. 3 Dates Available.

28 JAN 2020

​Zoho CRM — Getting Going

In this intro session, you will learn how to work with leads, contacts, accounts and then close deals and create sales orders. You will cover and customize the sales pipeline, modify modules, interface social media, create basic dashboards and views, work with filters. You will learn how to import contacts from email programs and other external sources.  3 Dates Available.

22 JAN 2020

​Zoho CRM — Deeper Dive

In this continuation of our CRM journey, you will see how to automate incoming data, work with reports, develop custom modules, integrate your email and other apps, learn lead scoring, set up a blueprint and automate workflows. Together we will take a deeper dive into the settings including assignment rules, territory management and marketing channels.  3 Dates Available.

29 JAN 2020

​Zoho Campaigns — Essentials

You will learn how to integrate Zoho CRM and other lists, establish campaigns, create segments, conduct A/B testing, design professional email templates, manage follow up with analysis and actions. We will cover best practices including smart schedules, mobile device considerations and branding. 2 Dates Available.

4 FEB 2020

​Zoho SalesIQ — Essentials

SalesIQ will improve your site with live chat and letting you see how your visitors are interacting with your site — all in real time. You will see how to set operators and schedules, customize chat icon, score leads and integrate with CRM. 2 Dates Available.

14 JAN 2020

​Zoho People — Essentials

You will learn how to set up an organization and roles, set up employee portal, implement time reporting, employee on-boarding, manage compensation and benefits, simplify the performance review process, create standard forms, manage employee leave, centralize employee data in a secure, compliant manner. You will see how other Zoho apps integrate.  2 Dates Available.

9 JAN 2020

​Zoho Recruit — Essentials

Accelerate the hiring process. You will learn how to manage candidate pipelines, integrate with job boards, manage multiple sourcing channels, interviews, assessments, background checks and expedite offer letters. You will also learn how hired candidates populate directly into Zoho People. Recruit is ideal for corporate and staffing firms as well.  2 Dates Available.

16 JAN 2020

​Zoho Projects — Essentials

You will learn how to create WBS using tasklists and milestones, work with resources both in your organization and outside, integrate tasks with CRM and other Zoho apps. You will also run classic reports like Gantt Charts and Utilization Reports. A few tricks on how to make Zoho Projects more agile are included! 2 Dates Available.

7 JAN 2020

​Zoho Sprints — Essentials

Start sprinting! You will learn how to set up user stories and tasks using Scrum and Kanban frameworks. Learn the principles of using boards to manage work flow and creating feeds to communicate with your team members. Reporting will cover velocity, burnup and burndown charts and how to run standing meetings. 2 Dates Available.

8 JAN 2020
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